Welcome to Jaguar's Chimerical Shop! We Are Live!

...at least, for ebooks and my one test audiobook! I'm still working out the logistics on print editions, but those are coming!

But wait, Jaguar! Why should I bother with this shop instead of a retailer? Here's what's available here that you can't get at Big Brand Website:

  • Series Bundles - Get all the books in a series at once... for a discount!
  • Extras - In the past I've put together bonus material for things like Kickstarters... now you can get those a la carte.
  • PDFs of Coloring Books - This is the only place you can buy PDFs of my coloring books so you can print out multiple copies of a favorite.
  • Retired books - If you're missing something from your collection because I've taken it off sale on retailers (like, say, A Rosary of Stones and Thorns), then you can get it from me here.
  • Lower Prices - I've raised my ebook prices on retailers to compensate for inflation... you'll find them here $2 off, or more.
  • Early Access - In the future, all new books will launch here before they hit retail.
  • Bonus Discounts - Plus, I get to run promos! Like the one I'm running for this grand opening!

In addition, when you buy direct, all the money goes into my pocket. Well, and a little bit of it into Shopify's, but nowhere near as much as retailers want.

Fine, you say: What happens when I click 'buy'?

Fortunately, many of you already have experience with my ebook delivery system, because I also use it for my Kickstarters! When you buy one (or multiple) ebooks from the store, Bookfunnel will email you download links and instructions on how to get your books onto your device of choice.

The audiobooks will also be delivered by Bookfunnel, once I get that up and running; Bookfunnel has a client for playing them, or you can load it into your preferred MP3 player.

But Jaguar! What if I prefer to shop from retail sites like Amazon or Bandcamp or Etsy?

That's fine! Please, shop where you are comfortable. I can't make all the extras and discounts available elsewhere, but most of my body of work will remain available through those retailers.

Okay, okay. What are your plans for the shop in the future?

  • I'll be adjusting the various tags/keywords/product descriptions/photos.
  • I'm going to get audiobooks up next, and then print books.
  • I'll make more downloads available, like the wallpapers from the various Kickstarters that have vanished.
  • More sales and discounts!

This is a huge learning curve, and I appreciate your patience as I figure it out!

It wouldn't be a grand opening without a discount code... so here's one that's good until June 1st, 2024. It is, creatively, GRANDOPENING. Just use that at checkout for 10% off anything.


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