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Cantor for Pearls (Twin Kingdoms 2)

Cantor for Pearls (Twin Kingdoms 2)

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For years, Always Falling has been content in the capital of the Twin Kingdoms, seeing to its beloved the imperial composer...and there the neuter might have stayed, had it not received an urgent message summoning it home. After the cruelties that saw Always Falling exiled, the last thing it wants is to go back, much less in the company of a near stranger: Amet Emendexte-ilye, the new lover its beloved took to ens breast only a few months ago.

But no one else can accompany Always Falling to the harbor city where it was once a member of a rarified aristocracy. And maybe a highland warrior, a stranger, and a musician will be the key not just to the injustices of the past, but the needs Always Falling has never admitted to, even to itself.

The sea is waiting....

A lyrical novel-length romance, set in a second world fantasy. Return to the Twin Kingdoms!

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