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Dreamhearth (Dreamhealers 3)

Dreamhearth (Dreamhealers 3)

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Jahir and Vasiht’h have earned their licenses as xenotherapists at last, and they have their hearts set on starting their practice in one of the Alliance’s most exciting and cosmopolitan destinations: a sector starbase. But dream therapy is a revolutionary treatment modality, and as esper practictioners they will have to work hard to win the trust of their community. Not only that, but they have a deadline: if they can’t prove themselves an asset to the starbase within six months, they’ll have to leave! It’ll take hard work, compassion, and a dollop of luck to navigate the pitfalls of this challenge… but surely two such extraordinary friends can find a way to claim their dream hearth.

Genre (setting): space opera (Pelted)
Tags: found family, space opera, pastoral, new adult, low conflict, asexual, furries, elves (space)
Rating: PG for emotional situations

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