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Family (Dreamhealers 5)

Family (Dreamhealers 5)

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Xenotherapist Vasiht’h always thought himself as lucky to have befriended one of the rare and fascinating Eldritch, a man who’s served as partner in their counseling practice for years without Vasiht’h ever really learning anything of his background… so when Jahir invites him home for a cousin’s wedding, he is eager for the chance to find out more about these enigmatic aliens, and his friend in particular.

Naturally, he gets more than he bargains for. By the end of his trip, he’ll either know all Jahir’s secrets…or he’ll be dead…

Genre (setting): space opera (Pelted)
Tags: found family, space opera, pastoral, low conflict, asexual, furries, elves (space)
Rating: PG for emotional situations

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