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Zafiil v.1: FireBorn UnPainted

Zafiil v.1: FireBorn UnPainted

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Enter into the heart of an alien race in the first historical novel set in the Peltedverse...

Thousands of years ago, the God of the Faulfenza promised His people He would send a messiah to lead them into a Golden Age, alongside the Others: aliens who would be to them as brothers and sisters. Not a generation has passed without longing for the fulfillment of that Promise.

Zafiil Paidiiza Qodii has dreamed of finding the Others since she was a child, a dream that spurred her to train as leader of one of the Faulfenza's galactic scout teams. Against all odds, hers is the ship that makes the prophesied discovery--and reveals the cost of the God's promises, and the part she is destined to play in His designs...

Zafiil: FireBorn Unpainted begins the epic saga of the Faulfenza's first contact with the Pelted Alliance, and unveils at last the mysteries of one of the Peltedverse's most beloved alien races.

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