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Zafiil v.2: Firedancer's Hand

Zafiil v.2: Firedancer's Hand

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The epic saga of the Faulfenza's third messiah continues in the second volume of Zafiil, FireDancer's Hand.

Journey with Zafiil to the borders of the Alliance in her search for enlightenment, dive into her recent history as a student at the Hearth and her difficult history with Daqan, the Voice of the God, and then return to Qufiil for the gripping finale of her story.

Are the Faulfenza prepared for the FireBorn, and the Others? And is Zafiil ready, at last, to face the role that will see her remembered forever in history?

Zafiil: FireDancer's Hand brings the epic saga of the Faulfenza's first contact with the Pelted Alliance to a stunning close.

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