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Haley and Nana's Best House (Haley and Nana 4)

Haley and Nana's Best House (Haley and Nana 4)

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A Girl, a Grandma, and a Home

Haley Landry, Questgiver, has been enjoying the system Armageddon: she's become an enchantress, helped her friends and neighbors, even set up a cool haunted house. But when her grandmother's class evolution requires her to turn their home into an inn, she balks. She's been visiting Nana at this house every summer for years... it's a point of comfort and stability that she's reluctant to surrender. She's always risen to the challenges imposed by the Trials before, but this one's going to be hard....

Join Haley, Nana, and the people of Refuge for another quick, cozy read, just right for the Thanksgiving season! Plus, a recipe for candied nuts (put them on your feast day yams or just eat them by the palmful while you read!)

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