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Haley and the Miraculous Potion (Haley and Nana 5)

Haley and the Miraculous Potion (Haley and Nana 5)

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Two Girls, One Kitchen, and a Ton of Self-Control

After months of assigning them to other people, Haley finally lands an exciting quest for herself: to make her first potion! But her concentration is shattered when Billy Bernard's older sister shows up at the inn to apply for a job. Haley thinks of herself as a fairly forgiving person, but Jennifer is enough to test a saint's patience, much less one harried questgiver's. With the holidays approaching, can Haley juggle her questline, her Christmas preparations, and one grumpy teen baker without disaster? It might take a miracle!

Join Haley, Nana, and the people of Refuge for another quick read, just right for the holiday season! Once again, a recipe is included, because that's the kind of story this is.

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