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Haley and the Spooky Dungeon (Haley and Nana 3)

Haley and the Spooky Dungeon (Haley and Nana 3)

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A Girl, a Great-Grandma, and a Dungeon!

Having found the town of Refuge a trainer, Haley is tasked with the system's newest quest: to set up a starter dungeon for her local adventurers in time for Hallowe'en! Haley's not sure she's the girl for this task, since she's not into creepy things. Fortunately, she has some unexpected (and enthusiastic) help, and of course, guidance from Nana... and maybe by the end, she begins to see things in a different (and creepier!) light.

Join Haley for this third installment in the adventures of a post-apocalyptic world with a game system imposed on it by magical aliens. It contains yet another recipe, because (once again), that's the kind of story this is. Break out your pans and make some pumpkin bread and then watch Haley design her way through another quick read!

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