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Lunch Bag Coloring Book: Family Animals

Lunch Bag Coloring Book: Family Animals

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What’s cuter than a sea slug? How about a sea slug and its baby? The Lunch Bag Coloring Book brings together cuddly babies and parents from all around the animal kingdom, from alligators to penguins! These drawings, originally doodled on school snack bags, have been cleaned up for 22 pages of coloring fun…so bring out your color pencils, markers, and chubbiest crayons and enjoy!

This coloring book features thick lines for small hands still learning to hold their crayons. There’s a single image per page so that masterpieces can be torn out and hung without worrying about what’s on the other side. And the small size (7×10) keeps young artists from feeling frustrated or intimidated by the amount of space they have to color.

Pages: 22
Tags: cute, animals, parents, children, sea creatures, birds, land animals

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